About Picture

Welcome! I am Ardlan Khalili, a software developer originally from Mashhad, Iran. In 1999, my family immigrated to the United States which later became an excellent segue to a pursuit in computer science education.

While studying to obtain my degree from the University of Tennessee, combined with cutting-edge internships and research oppurtunities, I have gained a rich skillset in coding languages, product cycling, and technological stacks.

I was able to graduate with a Summa Cum Laude degree and recieved other scolorships and honors at my time in college. Now after graduation, I mainly specialize in mobile app devlopment. I also specialize in artifical intelligence, with an emphasis on image recognition.

Professional life aside, my hobbies include playing soccer, analyzing the market, and educating people about software development. However, I love trying new activities and exploring areas I have never been introduced to.

More details can be found in my resume and publicity tab!